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FelFil Filament Extruder

FelFil Filament Extruder



Felfil Evo filament extruder

Choose your nozzle diameter (1.75 – 2.85), set manually the correct temperature and gearmotor speed, then start to make high quality custom filament for your 3D printer.

Technical details

Temperature                                    up to 280°

Hopper volume                                        250g

Tollerance                                              +/- 0.07

Extrusion speed                                   150g/h



What the Basic Kit is?

Also Felfil Evo, like its predecessor Felfil, is an open project (downoald here); but they use some important parts that are specifically made and are very expensive when handcrafted in single pieces.

So we decided to offer you that filament extruder kit!

All other parts, like heaters an electronics (Arduino based and compatible), are easily reachable on the market and are almost the same used in 3D printers.

FelFil Filament Extruder


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